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Advancing Airway Management: Expand Your Tool Box & Skill Set

Airway airway of choice

When it comes to airway management skills are you stacking the deck in your favor or are you leaving cards on the table? Learn the latest proven and practical methods to rapidly identify and overcome difficult airway conditions with EMS focused tricks, tools and techniques. Never again should you have that “if only…” feeling after managing a patient with a difficult airway. This program utilizes the latest research, practice and expert opinion in prehospital airway management to provide responders of all levels with what they need to collaborate in rapidly managing both routine and difficult airway emergencies.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to:

– Rapidly identify, assess, and apply strategies to overcome elements of the difficult airway.

-Routinely apply tools and techniques to rapidly and successfully secure patients’ airways, avoiding the method of “trial and failure”.

-Identifying roles and responsibilities of the BLS provider in the use of ALS airway tools and techniques.

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