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Ben Franklin: His Lessons for 21st Century Fire and EMS Services

While many are aware that Franklin founded America’s first organized fire department, fewer know that Franklin also cofounded America’s first hospital. What many people do not realize is that his interest in building and protect strong communities has left us with many lessons to inspire and guide fire, rescue, and EMS leaders in the twenty-first century. His wisdom is as applicable to emergency responders today as it was to is hard-working readers of the eighteenth century. Perhaps America’s most beloved Founding father, Ben Franklin’s timeless wisdom is as relevant to emergency responders today is when he started publishing poor Richard’s almanac more than 280 years ago.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to:

-Discuss Benjamin Franklin’s motivations for advising hardworking patriots to improve their lives and communities.

-Identify leadership and life lessons from Franklin’s 18th writings to 21st century readers.

-Apply Franklin’s key lessons to the profession of emergency services.

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