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Extrication and EMS: Coordinating Team Delivery of Critical Care

EMS aspects of extrication

Good vehicle extrication demands a unique collaboration between rescue and emergency medical personnel. The purpose of this course is to increase your situational awareness and improve your strategic and tactical plans for extrication by incorporating key medical information in the decision-making process. To save a victim (not just chop up a vehicle) you need command, coordination, communication and care. This program uses a real-world approach to incorporate advanced life support considerations in the extrication strategy and shows how a great deal of critical trauma care can be managed quickly and effectively by BLS first responders. This program will help you better and more safely deliver immediate life saving treatment, reduce time from patient contact to patient surgery and improve the lives of the people you are protecting.

 This session can be delivered as a 60-90 minute lecture or a 2, 4 or 8 hour program. The 2, 4 and 8 hour programs contain additional information on trauma care for special patient populations including geriatrics, pediatrics, and pregnant patients and include demonstration / hands-on of both basic and advanced trauma skills.

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