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About Rom Duckworth

Rommie Duckworth Uniform

Rommie L. Duckworth is a dedicated emergency responder, author, and award-winning educator with thirty years of experience working in career and volunteer fire departments, hospital healthcare systems, and public and private emergency medical services.

Rom is currently a career fire Captain and paramedic EMS Coordinator with the Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department, Founder and Director of the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine, Editorial Director of and an emergency services advocate and speaker at conferences around the world.


Rom Duckworth offers keynote presentations and educational programs for leadership developmenteducational methodologyclinical health care topics and emergency services operations as well as consultation and coaching for organizations and individuals through the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine.

For regular articles and podcasts about leadership, education and career development in emergency services as well as citations and additional resources for Rom Duckworth’s presentations and educational programs see RescueDigest on the First Arriving Network.

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Areas of Expertise 

Lead and contributing author to emergency medical services research and papers  Since 2015
Member of regional and national emergency services advisory and executive boards  Since 2013
Author of over 100 published articles in fire and EMS publications  Since 2012
Contributing author to more than a dozen fire, rescue, and EMS textbooks  Since 2011
Presenter at over 100 conferences across North America and the United Kingdom  Since 2009
National training program and education content designer and developer  Since 1999
Fire, law enforcement, EMS, and emergency medicine educator  Since 1996
Company / Chief fire officer and paramedic  Since 1994
Firefighter and EMT  Since 1989

Awards / Honors 

·           Biomerieux Sepsis Champion 2016
·           Sepsis Alliance Sepsis Hero Award 2015
·           Christopher Blackwell Dedication to Service Award 2014
·           Ridgefield Fire Department Unit Citation 2010
·           State of Connecticut Public Leadership Citation 2009
·           American Red Cross Hero Award for Professional Achievement 2009
·           State of Connecticut Public Service Citation 2004
·           Danbury Health Systems Regional Educator of the Year 2003, ‘05, ‘11
·           BSI EMS Special Service Award for Response to 9/11 2001


Emergency Services Operations

Since 1998: Firefighter, performing incident command-level fire suppression, hazard mitigation, rescue, and related public services with Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department to the rank of Career Fire Captain (Shift Commander) and Acting Assistant Chief.

Since 1994: Paramedic, providing emergency and critical care for municipal, private, hospital, and fire-based EMS services in urban and suburban tiered response systems, rural paramedic intercept. Currently with the Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department holding the position of EMS Coordinator.

Since 1989: Firefighter, has performed fire suppression, hazard mitigation, rescue and related public services with the New Fairfield (CT) Volunteer Fire Department to the rank of Assistant Fire Chief.


Disaster Response Operations

2007: Served as EMS Operations Section Chief at Joint Incident Command for anthrax exposure incident, Danbury, CT.

2001: Lead an emergency response team to World Trade Center attack on September 11th-12th, 2001 called for by New York State Office of Emergency Management through Danbury Health Systems.

1994: Served as Treatment Officer in 111 victim multiple school bus crash in New Fairfield, CT.

1990: Provided volunteer EMS response to Hurricane Andrew relief effort in South Florida.

Textbook Author / Contributor (see Portfolio Section)

2018: Contributed to Medical Incident Command and Rescue Awareness and Operations chapters of the 4th edition of Mosby’s Paramedic Textbook as well as peer-review of six additional chapters.

2016: Authored Vehicle Extrication and Technical Rescue and Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction Response and contributed to Bleeding Control and Disaster Response chapters of the 8th edition of the AAOS Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets Paramedic Textbook.

2015: Authored Patient Assessment and Team Approach to Healthcare chapters of the 11th edition of the AAOS Emergency Care of the Sick and Injured EMT Textbook.

2013: Authored significant revisions for Jones and Bartlett’s ACLS for EMTs textbook.

2011-2013: Member: IFSTA Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator, 3rd Edition Validation Committee.


Trade Publication Author / Content Developer (see Portfolio Section)

2017: Authored cover stories for both EMS World (pediatric sepsis) and JEMS (MCI) magazines.

2014-2017: Produced and hosted podcasts for, and

Since 2012: Authored over 100 original articles for print and online publications including the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), EMS World Magazine,, Wisconsin EMS Professional, Fire Engineering,,, Firehouse Magazine, Paramedic Chief, NAEMSE Educator Update, and others.


Emergency Services Research and Advocacy

2018 – Current: Advisor for the development of the Sepsis Coordinators Network of the United States.

2018: Lead Author for National Association of EMS Educators Position Paper on Sepsis Education.

2015-2017: Advocated for prehospital sepsis alert protocol adoption across New England.

2014-2017: Testified before state legislature and performed committee work for legislation to establish Stroke Systems of Care in Connecticut on behalf of American Heart / American Stroke Association.

2012-2016: Contributed to research and development of emergency stroke treatment support for EMS Subcommittees of the Northeast Cerebrovascular Consortium (NECC).

2010: Contributed to the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Model Social Media Policy.

Training Program Design and Educational Content Creation

Since 2018: Advisory Board Member, FISDAP education and research programs.

2018: Contributor to the National Fire Academy’s Training and Professional Development for Fire and Emergency Services Leaders for the Managing Officer Program.

2017: Education design contributor for Connecticut Office of Emergency Medical Services EMS-Instructor Trainer Program Re-design and Roll-Out.

Since 2016: Advisory Committee Member, Jones & Bartlett Learning / NAEMT RECERT program.

Since 2012: Contributes educator resources including critical thinking questions, formative quizzes, and summative exams for Jones & Bartlett Learning and Public Safety Group.

Since 2010: Develops and delivers original webinar content for National Association of EMS Educators, Sepsis Alliance, Texas Tech University, CentreLearn Learning Management, EMS World Magazine, Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), Fire Engineering Magazine, International Association of Fire Chiefs, and others.

Since 2009: Develops and delivers fire, rescue, EMS, education and leadership development programs internationally through the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine, LLC.

2004-2009: Developed learning management systems for Danbury (CT) Hospital EMS Division.

1992: Developed first formal recruit training program at Squantz Engine Company, New Fairfield, CT.

Education Delivery

2017: Instructor for the National Fire Academy’s January EMS Quality Management Program.

2016: Presenter at the National Fire Academy’s 2016 Executive Fire Officer Program Symposium.

Since 2013: Adjunct Instructor for Connecticut State Fire Academy.

2011-2015: Educator for Chief Officer and Company Officer Leadership Symposia for the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Fire Rescue International conferences.

2011-2012: Developed “Initiative for Best Practices in ALS” program for Ridgefield (CT) FD.

2004: Coordinated first ACLS for Experienced Providers programs in CT & New York City regions.

2004: Coordinated DHS’ Center for Domestic Preparedness first ever Standard Awareness Training for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Connecticut.

1999-2009: Served as EMS Training Coordinator for Danbury (CT) Health Systems.

1995-1999: Delivered EMS education programs for American Medical Response, New Haven (CT).

1992-2012: Delivered CPR, First Aid, and Safety programs through the American Red Cross.

Public Safety Leadership

Since 2018: Member, EMS Today Conference Committee

Since 2017: Member, Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) Editorial Board

Since 2017: Member, National EMS Management Association Accreditation Committee.

Since 2015: Member, Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) Advisory Committee.

Since 2015: Member, Advisory Board for the Sepsis Alliance charitable organization.

2015-2018: Member, American Heart Association’s New England Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee and QA/QI Subcommittee Chair.

2013-2016: Executive Director for First Few Moments 501c3 education nonprofit.

2009-2015: Member, American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee for the Connecticut Region and New England Regional Transition Committee.

Since 2009: Director, New England Center for Rescue & Emergency Medicine, llc

2002-2018: Member, American Heart Association ACLS National Faculty and PALS and BLS Connecticut Regional Faculty

1999-2001: Union Steward, International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local 1739.

Since 1998: Member, Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department committees, workgroups, and task forces including In-House Paramedic Service, Technical Rescue Team Coordinator, EMS Rescue Task Force, Hazardous Materials Preparedness, 40th and 50th Union Anniversaries, and Memorial Day Services.

1993-1997: Board of Directors for New Fairfield (CT) Volunteer Fire Department.

1990-2000: Executive, other committees for Squantz Engine Volunteer Fire Company (CT).