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Closing The Performance Gap: Identifying and implementing the best solutions

CPR Feedback

It’s frustrating when and individual, group, or entire organization isn’t performing their best. In some cases, potential exists for improvement but isn’t being captured. In others, problems arise that shouldn’t. Often, it’s a combination of both. Identifying where to work on and how best to deploy resources can be a challenge, especially when there is confusion between the meaning of quality improvement, quality assurance, and quality management. Focusing on the practical use of the tried and trusted PDSA model, this program helps leaders identify the issues they most need to tackle, set effective goals, and determine the most important steps to help the individuals, groups, or organizations achieve their peak performance.

Teaching Formats:



-Case Study

-Question and Answer

Key Concepts:

Problems and missed potential

Education is not always the answer

Evaluating JPR’s

Evaluating KSA’s

Teaching to competencies

Identifying and solving supply, situation, and system problems

4-step (PDSA) system for performance improvement


Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Differentiate quality planning, improvement, assurance, control, and management.
  • Demonstrate effective goal-setting using ABCD or SMART formats
  • Identify issues that truly affect quality, not just irritations and outliers
  • Implement the Plan – Do – Study – Act process within their own group or organization

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