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Developing and Delivering Competency Based Education: Prepped for the Test, Ready for the Street

Competency Based Education
Recall of information is simply not good enough. For students to be capable of practical problem solving and skills performance, their educators must insist on using competency based principles of education. Through a combination of educational methods and resources, pacing learning to student performance, providing frequent feedback, and connecting foundational information with real-world performance, it has been proven that students will leave the classroom not just more ready for the test, but more ready for the street. This program will help EMS Educators better implement the competency-based National Education Standards crucial for students to complete their programs and emerge as true healthcare professionals, new, but street-ready providers, and lifelong learners.

Teaching Formats:



-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the underpinnings of competency-based education and its use in EMS programs.
  • Organize and deliver instruction using competency-based education methods.
  • Use performance assessments and feedback to help students connect foundational and theoretical information with practical problem solving and skills performance.

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