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The Top 10 Trauma Myths and Legends: Seeking the science beyond the textbooks

We’ve all heard the legends of trauma care. “the ABCs are top priority!”, “Mechanism of Injury Matters!”, “Never remove a dressing!”, “Hyperventilate that head injury!” But what happens when what you were taught no longer matches what science says? Taking a look at the Top Ten Trauma Myths and Legends this program evaluates the strength of the science behind each recommendation as well as how they might be implemented in different EMS systems. Getting past “we’ve always done it this way”, attendees will return home well-equipped to open up discussions about trauma care in their systems beyond, “This is what I was taught in class.” and “I read this study once”.

Teaching Formats:


-Case Studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

  • How to better prioritize trauma care in multi-trauma situations.
  • Current theory, practice, and importance of traumatic cardiac arrest care by emergency responders.
  • The importance of proper prioritization of ALS components of trauma care.
  • The role of the individual field provider, supervisor, administrator, and medical director in improving prehospital trauma care and citizen survival rates.

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