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Bus Collision Response: The 3 Things You Need To Know

Every day in your community, vehicles travel the road carrying large numbers of potential victims; some children, some elderly, some with special medical issues, and all your responsibility. Every year 63,000 inter-city, transit, and school buses crashes result in over 14,000 injuries and hundreds of fatalities. This program will help make you ready when it happens in your area. Presenting lessons learned from around the world along with personal experience managing school bus and inter-city tour bus incidents Rom Duckworth lays out the 3 key steps to managing major (and minor) motor coach collisions in your response area.

Teaching Formats:


-Case Studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

– Address inter-agency issues before attempting to manage motor coach collisions.

-Perform the initial actions critical to the success of first arriving units and the incident as a whole.

-Apply core principles of MCI management through a variety of triage and MCI management systems.

-Maintain the functions of Incident Command and MCI management in the face of chaos and freelancing.

-Utilize different methods of applying core principles of MCI management to different sizes and structures of EMS and fire service organizations.

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