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Designer Drug Evolution: Managing Uncontrolled Patients On Controlled Substances

Designer Drugs

Emergency services are confronted by horrific events caused by a surge in the use of new types of designer drugs. In this program we’ll use real world case studies to discuss the upsurge in mephedrone based drugs (“bath salts” and more), synthetic marijuana, salvia divinorum, datura weed, molly and more; what these drugs are, where they’ve come from, and what form they may take in the future. We’ll also discuss what regulators and law enforcement are doing to stop them, and what field providers can do to manage the fallout from this new wave of designer drugs.

Teaching Formats:



-Case Studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Identify, assess and manage designer drug abusers in acute crises and overdose situations.
  • Coordinate response and scene management across emergency services for designer drug emergencies.
  • Provide both basic and advanced emergency medical care for designer drug abuse and excited delirium.
  • Understand past, present and future development of designer drugs presented through historical and contemporary case studies.

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