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Inspiring Audiences: Deliver Your Classroom Message Effectively Every Time


To expect action from students, educators must use the three legs of educational inspiration, story, style, and staging, when developing and delivering educational content. When educators develop and present programs, we don’t do it to display our PowerPoint skills or to show off the speaking tips we’ve gleaned from the latest TED talk. True educators build and deliver programs to inspire and enable their audiences to help move emergency services forward. So where do so many go wrong? This program isn’t about PowerPoint tips and tricks (although some are included).  Rather, it demonstrates effective communications and message delivery techniques, tools for successful student / attendee engagement, and presentation of a compelling “call to action” designed to motivate attendees to effect positive change in the way that we work for, care for and protect our communities.

Teaching Formats:



-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

–       Effective program and presentation development techniques including storyboarding, clustering, filtering, visualizing and identification of segues and turning points.

–       Utilization of story form to promote emotional connection with, and change in, those listening.

–       Methods to take an educator’s message and make it “sticky”, thereby making it memorable, actionable and shareable.

–       Best practices for program design, visualization and delivery that educators must use to compare, contrast and emphasize (rather than distract from) key learning points.

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