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Inspiring Audiences: Deliver Your Classroom Message Effectively Every Time


Description: “How do I build a classroom session or presentation that motivates students to accomplish what they need to do?” To instruct and inspire, educators must understand how to use story, style, and staging to guide students toward desired competencies. This program isn’t about PowerPoint tips and tricks (although some are included).  Instead, it focuses on effective communication and motivational techniques, tools for successful audience engagement, and the delivery of a compelling “call to action.” This program can help both new and experienced educators affect positive change in the way that we work for, care for, and protect our communities.

Teaching Formats:



-Question and Answer

-Individual and Small Group Assignments

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this program, students will be able to…

–       Develop effective programs and presentations using such techniques as storyboarding, clustering, filtering, and identification of segues and turning points.

–       Use story forms to promote emotional connections with the content and motivation for students.

–       Employ a variety of methods to make their message “sticky”, memorable, actionable, and shareable.

–       Coordinate practices of program design, visualization, and delivery to emphasize rather than distract from key learning points.

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