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Advanced Automatic Collision Notification Systems: Crashed cars are calling 911 by themselves

Many of today’s vehicles have automated technology to avoid collisions but crashes still occur. When they do is your emergency system ready to use automated data to enhance your response? Advanced automatic collision notification (AACN) systems can alert dispatchers in less than a minute from impact, provide an accurate crash location, report data including vehicle speed and air-bag deployment, and even improve roadway safety by diverting drivers around the crash site. A variety of systems are currently on the road including vehicle-integrated and service-center assisted systems, automated systems, and mobile apps that can be installed on any smartphone. AACN systems have been shown to reduce alert and response times, especially in rural areas. In some cases, these systems can even deliver an injury severity assessment and relevant medical history information prior to EMS arrival. This presentation can help you asses how many AACN might be on the road in your area and how best you may be able to integrate them into your system. As use of these technologies expand, don’t let your system be the last to take advantage of them.

Teaching Formats:


-Case Studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Describe the development of advanced automatic collision notification systems across the globe
  • Explain how advanced automatic collision notification systems may be utilized in rural, suburban, and urban emergency response systems
  • Identify job-specific education resources for dispatcher, fire/rescue personnel, EMS providers, and medical directors
  • Integrate advanced automatic collision notification systems into standard vehicle collision emergency response

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