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Bringing It Home: Connecting Theory With Real World Practice

Improving Morale

Title: Bringing It Home: Connecting Theory With Real World Practice

Description: We may have been motivated, educated and entertained, but we can easily wonder what difference it will ultimately make to our work in the “real world”. We have to be more than ready, willing, and able to do better. To put theory into practice we have to be intelligent, inspired, and influential. This presentation poises us to take the knowledge, enthusiasm and resources that we have now, bring them home to our own agencies and effect change in a way that’s meaningful to our membership and to those who call upon us in their time of crises.

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

-Effectively integrate ideas and opinions from EMS organization members of different age-groups and backgrounds.

-Identify fundamental priorities in their EMS organization to achieve core mission goals.

-Implement conference take-away messages at their home EMS organizations to improve care and patient outcomes.

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