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Don’t Lose Your Cool: Dealing With Problem Students.


The Know-it-all. The Worrier. The Heckler. The Rambler. The Cheater. Is one rotten apple going to spoil your whole program? This program provides educators of all levels with insight into the sources of student issues as well as the mistakes that instructors commonly make that contribute to classroom unrest. Using lecture, role-play, and comedy, Rom Duckworth shows how educators can differentiate between difficult students and difficult behaviors, how to deal with immediate classroom problems, and what can be done to avoid trouble before it begins.

Teaching Formats:


-Q & A


Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

– Select appropriate instructional and disciplinary approaches based on an assessment of students’ difficult behaviors.

– Employ just culture concepts to difficult behaviors in the EMS classroom environment.

– Use effective behavior problem investigation and communication techniques.

– Describe the management of EMS education issues through the behavior management, course management, and classroom management.

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