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Accelerating Performance In Your Education Programs: Prepping Students for Real World Work.


What can you do to “up your game” as an emergency service educator and ensure that your student come out both prepared for the test and ready for the street? Why is it so difficult for good teachers to connect with some students? The key is applying new twists on tried and true education methods. Attendees will learn the origins and current applications of adult education theory as well as how to set and use effective “on the fly objectives” for any class. Most importantly, this program presents instructors with the techniques to apply the right teaching methods at the right time to the right students.

Teaching Formats:


-Interactive Role Play

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

-How to improve not just test scores, but also retention of knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in real-world emergency services.

-How to conduct an assessment of learning factors pertinent to an entire education program, a single class or even a specific student.

-The identification and application of “on the fly objectives” using the GNOME method.

-How to follow the path of development from “Trainer” to “Instructor” to “Educator”.

-How the application of higher education theories such as Perry’s “journey of growth” from received knowledge to constructed knowledge is critical to create effective EMS field care providers.

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