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Prehospital Pediatric Problems: A systematic assessment for children and infants.


Everyone wants to be ready to manage the scene of a pediatric emergency with confidence, care, and compassion, but things don’t always go that way.  Emotions can run high for patients, parents, bystanders and yes, even emergency responders. Because of this, providers often miss the simple steps that can make an important difference in our care. With an approach of “first-things-first” this program presents a systematic and “street-wise” approach to pediatric emergencies that can be used by caregivers of all stripes.

Teaching Formats:



-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

– Prioritize scene management for pediatric emergencies.

– Implement a team approach to pediatric patient care, including responders, family and bystanders.

– Effect an age group specific methods of assessment.

-Prioritize action plans for pediatric acute emergencies, potential emergencies and non-emergencies.

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