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The Top 10 Cardiac Resuscitation Headlines: And Why You Have To Read Past Them For The Real Story

The top 10 cardiac headlines

We’ve all heard the controversies for cardiac resuscitation. “Medications don’t matter!”, “No more ET tubes!”, “Epi never!”, “Epi forever!” It can be confusing for EMS professionals to sort out exactly what they’re supposed to do. Taking a look at the Top Ten Headlines for cardiac resuscitation this program evaluates the strength of the science behind each recommendation as well as how they might be implemented in different EMS systems. Getting past the “Headlines”, attendees will return home well-equipped to open up discussions about optimizing EMS cardiac arrest resuscitation in their systems beyond “I read this study once” or “This is what the algorithms say now.”

Teaching Formats:


-Case Studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Define successful resuscitation, understand how to measure it in their system and appreciate how this affects real patient outcomes.
  • Explain and prioritize at least 3 methods to improve “first CPR time”.
  • Discuss effective field prioritization of airway and ventilation management during cardiac arrest.
  • Defend the relative merits of standard medications typically administered during non-traumatic cardiac arrest events.

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