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Win Every Firehouse Argument: Use Critical Thinking To Win Friends And Influence Enemies.

Win Every Firehouse Argument

Great leaders do more than communicate, they influence. It is a fact that Americans spend 68% of their day bombarded by people trying to affect their decisions. On top of that, they spend another 52% trying to persuade others. This presentation will help you learn to quickly identify myths and factual errors (like the one above) and improve your critical thinking skills to avoid falling victim to logical fallacies and other arguments that sound good, but don’t hold water. These skills are crucial to every leader and educator in emergency services.

Teaching Formats:


-Interactive Role Play

-Question and Answer


Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

-How to use and improve critical thinking skills.

-The fundamentals of reasoning, debate and building a sound argument.

-How to identify and avoid logical fallacies.

-How to identify and avoid common factual errors, myths and misunderstandings.

-The use of logical reasoning and persuasion in management, education and around the house.

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