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Catch Them and Keep Them: Recruiting and retaining top employees and volunteers

Work in any organization, large or small, paid or volunteer, involves transactions of value where the member gets value from the organization and gives value back. Volunteer and employment exchanges have traditionally focused on the perspective of the organization and what they could get from members. Today, leaders must flip that perspective and consider what the member is looking to gain, rather than just what the organization is willing to give to the employee or volunteer. Getting this “employee value proposition” right can help organizations attract high-quality candidates, engage current members to boost performance, and improve the customer experience and business operations. With quality EMS candidates and providers at a premium, organizations that can provide good employee value propositions will thrive and those that do not will fail to survive.

Teaching Formats:


-Case studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Describe importance of the employee value proposition in today’s volunteer and employment landscape
  • Explain the four sides of the employee value equation.
  • Identify the top drivers that attract and retain emergency service providers

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