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Motivating The Modern Generation: Making the most of the new work-force.

Motivating Millenials

They may seem to have little respect for authority, a poor work ethic, and no interest in “paying their dues”; but things aren’t always as they appear with the next generation. While they may not respond to some traditional motivators, these kids today are smart, energetic, and driven when you lead them with the right techniques. This program presents emergency service leaders with the tools to leverage the strengths of the modern employee for the good of the organization, and to integrate into the existing workforce of Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

Teaching Formats:


-Case Studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

  • Generational identities and their effects on the workplace.
  • Myths and realities of the modern employee as a worker and emergency responder.
  • Leadership methods for effective guidance and motivation of the modern employee.
  • Workplace strategies for integration of a mixed-generation workplace.

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