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Managing Multitasking: Maximum Effectiveness, Minimum Errors.

Managing Multitasking

Multitasking has long been a part of emergency services but only recently have advances in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and functional MRI studies allowed us to peer into the multitasking mind and the parts of the brain that control it. New information shows us how we can better train our students and ourselves to improve multitasking, filter out “task noise” and identify when to sidestep multitasking to avoid costly clinical, tactical and managerial mistakes.

Teaching Formats:


-Demonstration Exercises

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

– The difference between multitasking and task-switching.

– The function of the Executive System of the brain.

– The difference between automatic and controlled thought processes.

– How to focus training to prepare students for a multitasking environment.

– When and how to avoid multitasking for better trouble-shooting and decision-making (clinical, tactical, managerial).

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