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Innovations and Advances in Stroke Care: Out of the hospital and into the field.


Not so long ago there was little more that EMS could do for stroke than put the patient on oxygen and comfort them as we drove to the hospital. Now, not only has EMS become integral to stroke systems of care, innovations in stroke treatment that would once only have been found inside hospitals have made their way to the back of the ambulance. What’s more, it is suggested that evolving treatments including as neuroprotectants and hypothermia may be more effective when given early. Might these be future treatments given in the field by EMS providers? Come see who in EMS is looking at field telemedicine, mobile CT scans, field thrombolytics and more.

Teaching Formats:  


-Question and Answer

-Case Study

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

-The role of the EMS provider in comprehensive Stroke Systems of Care.

-The emerging in-hospital cerebrovascular care technologies including interventional neurology telemedicine, remote ischemic conditioning, intravascular surgical therapy and more.

-The emerging EMS technologies including neuroprotective therapies, field CT-Scans, and more.

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