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Putting Hands-On Teamwork Back in Your Classroom: 25 Activities You Can Use Today

romduck EMS Team building

Educators who want their EMS providers to attain the “soft skills” critical for their profession can also increase enthusiasm and engagement using the right hands-on exercises. As a profession, emergency services is nearly unique in its demands for providers to be able to act as both coordinated team members and independent operators. Critical concepts such as group dynamics, teambuilding, leadership, followership, and interpersonal communications can be difficult to introduce in cognitive and affective domains, let alone practice as psychomotor skills. While there are plenty of “Get out of your seat” activities out there, many of them entertain and fill time, but few focus on teaching and evaluating team-based competencies.  Featuring twenty-five different exercises that you can bring back to your EMS classroom today this program will help you help your students work together better both in the classroom and on the street.

Teaching Formats:



-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Identify the differences between physical activity and entertainment exercises and true soft skills solutions.
  • Integrate soft skills development activities to improve student group dynamics, teambuilding, leadership, followership, and interpersonal communications.
  • Effectively employ more than Twenty-Five EMS-classroom focused soft skills and team building activities in new and ongoing programs.

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