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Social Media Policies and Practices: Rules, Regulations and Responsible Guidelines.

Social Media Policies and Practices

The proliferation of social media and mobile technology is creating new challenges for emergency responders. On virtually every call smart phones, helmet cams and more are capturing images and information ready to be uploaded and shared with the world. New questions of personal privacy and freedom of speech for responders using social media off-duty need to be addressed. How do agencies navigate the minefield that is the new social media landscape? This program gives emergency services leaders and providers plenty of take-home resources to create or revise their social media policies and practices including the twenty points that need to be addressed in any guiding social media documents and ten recommendations for responsible social media use by responders.

Teaching Formats:


-Question and Answer

-Handouts / Websites

Learning Objectives: Students will learn:

  • The rules and risks of social media use on and off the job.
  • State and federal rules and regulations.
  • Guidelines for responsible social media use.
  • Core recommendations for emergency services social media policies and practices.

Notes: Updated for 2020.

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