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On The Job Situational Awareness: How To Work Effectively While Things Are Trying To Kill You

This program can be customized to reflect a fire, rescue, EMS or other emergency response perspective as appropriate.

Situational Awareness

Failure to recognize unsafe situations. Failure to prevent unsafe actions. Failure to deliver effective operations. These are the results of poor situational awareness in emergency responders of all levels. This program uses real-life case studies and in-class exercises to train emergency responders in applying the six steps of situational awareness and action so that on the fireground and in the field they can improve their operational effectiveness as well as the safety of everyone around them.

Teaching Formats:


-Interactive Role Play

-Question and Answer


Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

-Describe the factors that affect emergency responder situational awareness.

-Appreciate the impact of crew resource management on situational awareness and effective operations.

-Operationalize the factors that affect effective emergency responder decision-making.

-Identify key factors that lead to failure of situational awareness and how to avoid them.

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