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Intermediate-level Reading Research: Understanding p-values, NNTs and more!

Have you begin to read research, but you’re swamped in a sea of statistics? Are you trying to make sense of a study, but you don’t know your odds ratio from your confidence interval? You’re in luck! This program takes you through many of the basic statistical concepts found in today’s research and focuses more on the meaning than the math and gets to the bottom line. If you’ve always wanted to know what some of these numbers mean and more importantly, what they should mean to you, then odd are this class is for you.

null hypothesis vs alternative hypothesis

Mean, median, mode

Quartiles, standard deviation, range, variance

N = number

P value


Confidence interval

Odds ratio

Receiver / operator curve

Teaching Formats:


-Case studies

-Question and Answer

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the null and alternative hypothesis
  • Understand and use the terms that describe the grouping and the spread of data.
  • Use basic medical static tools and techniques in the application of original research to real-world critical care, emergency, and pre-hospital medicine.

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