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Incorporating Critical Thinking in Education: Teaching Not Just “How”, But “Why”


It’s clear that critical thinking must be part of an education program in order to teach students to become intelligent, compassionate and skillful emergency responders. But how do we accomplish this within the constraints of current educational curricula? This presentation is for anyone who wants to better incorporate critical thinking skills into their course content and testing processes. Critical thinking is vital not only for effective delivery of emergency services, but as a lifelong learning skill necessary for our students to excel as fire, rescue and EMS responders.

Teaching Formats:


-Q & A


Learning Objectives: Students will be able to:

-Describe the importance of critical thinking to excellence at all levels of emergency services.

-Explain the role of critical thinking in the emergency services decision-making process.

-Identify at least 3 barriers and inhibitors to the incorporation of Critical Thinking in emergency service education.

-Utilize no less than 5 different methods to incorporate Critical Thinking in a variety of emergency service education and testing environments.

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