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Posted by on Apr 8, 2014 in Education & Training, Emergency Response, Events & Appearances, Trauma | 0 comments

FDIC Fire Department Instructors Conference 2014

FDIC Fire Department Instructors Conference 2014


It was very exciting to have the opportunity to present again at FDIC 2014. I delivered a pre conference session on EMS providers and rescue technicians working together during vehicle extrication. I had the great honor a few years back meeting a fantastic person who was working to organize the educational content for a regional EMS conference in New York. That person was Mike McEvoy who, in addition to being an awesome person, also happens to be the Fire/EMS Editor of Fire Engineering Magazine. Not only has Mike become a good friend, you also can’t beat him as a guide to show you around the great city of Indianapolis.

There are some moments in my career that I will never forget; my first extrication, my first cardiac arrest, the first time I let other people into a burning building. I can now add to that list the time that, during a conference with literally thousands of firefighters from all over the world, the man running it, Chief Bobby Halton, saw me in a hallway and stopped to say “Hey Rommie, hold on, let’s talk!”

And we did.

In the hallway. Sometimes that’s where the best learning happens.