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Posted by on Feb 29, 2024 in Emergency Response | 0 comments

Firefighter Response to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incidents

Firefighter Response to Alternative Fuel Vehicle Incidents

LAFD CNG Vehicle Explosion on 2/15/2024

About 9 months ago, I started working to better understand how firefighters can recognize and safely and effectively respond to vehicles powered by alternative fuels. I was amazed that this information was not already in one place. This was the information about CNG, LPG, LNG, and other alternative fuels that I presented at the RT Nobes Rescue Symposium. With the recent explosion injuring LAFD firefighters, I put this information together in a couple of articles so I could share this information, including things like not putting water on CNG or LNG (cryogenic) cylinders. These articles go into more detail than I did at the classes.

The first article is up now at

The next article, on Universal Steps to Motor Vehicle Incidents will be in print in the June issue of Fire Engineering. If you find this information useful to share, please do.