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Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Emergency Response | 0 comments

Rom Duckworth Honored By The Sepsis Alliance As A 2015 Sepsis Hero

Rom Duckworth Honored By The Sepsis Alliance As A 2015 Sepsis Hero

Rom Duckworth 2015 Sepsis Hero

We are proud to announce that Rom Duckworth has been selected by the Sepsis Alliance as one of their 2015 Sepsis Heroes.

The award will be presented during Sepsis Awareness Month on September 17, 2015,  at the Sepsis Heroes Gala in New York City.

Rom is being recognized for his work in  delivering education to prehospital care providers across the country regarding  the recognition and treatment of sepsis in adult and pediatric patients.

 More information is available HERE through the Sepsis Alliance.

When asked how he felt when he learned that he was being honored as a Sepsis Hero Rom said, “I was both honored and very surprised.  When I was on the phone with the Tom Heymann, President and Executive Director of Sepsis Alliance I was anticipating speaking with him more about how meaningful the Faces of Sepsis campaign is to EMS providers who have seen it, and what we can do to spread the message further. It was a complete shock when he mentioned that I had been selected to receive the award. It is an honor to be associated with an organization of the caliber of Sepsis Alliance and I am proud to know they feel that this work is helpful to victims of sepsis and their families.”

When asked why he felt that sepsis education was important for EMS providers Rom responded, “Delivering medical care that will make a difference depends on the early identification of a patient suffering from severe sepsis or septic shock. For many of these patients, the first healthcare provider they will see for their problem is an EMT or paramedic. It is crucial for prehospital healthcare providers to understand and be able to identify sepsis as soon as possible so that these patients can begin treatment  right away. Previously, EMS providers believed that sepsis was a slow-moving disease process that can only be identified and dealt with in the hospital. Our understanding of sepsis, how to treat it and what a priority it is, has grown a great deal in recent years. I believe that it is critical for EMS providers to understand that they can make an important difference and to know what they can do to help.”

 More resources about sepsis for prehospital care providers can be found at RescueDigest.