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Posted by on Mar 1, 2024 in Education & Training, Events & Appearances | 0 comments

Unlocking Learning: The Power of Debriefing

Unlocking Learning: The Power of Debriefing

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to navigate through life’s experiences effortlessly, while others stumble through, seemingly learning nothing? As a firefighter and paramedic, I’ve come to understand that true learning and growth don’t just happen during the experience itself but in the reflection that follows.

In my latest article, published on, I delve into the concept of learning through reflection, particularly focusing on the powerful tool of debriefing. Whether you’re an educator, clinician, leader, or simply someone seeking personal development, understanding the art of debriefing can be transformative.

Debriefing isn’t just about recounting what happened; it’s a structured and facilitated process that occurs after the event, allowing individuals to extract meaningful insights and lessons. It’s about creating a safe space for reflection, where participants can explore their experiences, both successes, and failures, and distill key learnings for future growth.

In the article, I provide a simple framework for effective debriefing, emphasizing its structured and student-centered nature. By following these guidelines, you can enhance the quality of your debriefing sessions and facilitate deeper learning and understanding.

One misconception about debriefing is that it’s overly formal and reserved for high-stakes scenarios. However, as I highlight in the article, debriefing can be applied in various contexts, from high-fidelity simulations to everyday classroom or real-world experiences.

Drawing inspiration from historical teaching methods, I reflect on how debriefing contrasts with traditional approaches focused solely on information transfer. By encouraging active participation and reflection, debriefing aligns with the principles of experiential learning, allowing individuals to learn not just from instruction but from their own experiences and interactions.

So, whether you’re leading a team, guiding students, or seeking personal growth, I invite you to explore the transformative power of debriefing. Together, let’s unlock the potential for deeper learning and development through reflection.

Read the full article HERE. Join the conversation and discover how debriefing can elevate your learning journey.

In the meantime, here’s my interview with Dr. Ted Lee on the topic.