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Posted by on Feb 25, 2020 in Education & Training, Keynotes & General Sessions | 0 comments

New Education and Keynote Programs for 2020

New Education and Keynote Programs for 2020

Brand new education programs alongside updates to existing favorites!

I always enjoy putting together new programs! These are topics where I’ve had the chance  to read up on the research and talk with subject matter experts to identify the lessons that apply to my own work as well as lessons that I’d love to share.

I spend a good amount of time thinking about how I can get better at what I do. When I find something that is really useful, I want to share it with other firefighters, EMS providers, and leaders in emergency services.  I have put together a some brand-new clinical medical, command, and leadership programs as well as a new keynote presentation.Rommie Duckworth International 2

New for 2020

Good Enough Is Not Good Enough: Demanding More of Yourself and Your Service

Ben Franklin: His Lessons for 21st Century Emergency Services

O2 – Oh No! You’ve (probably) been managing ventilation wrong

A Bag of Hot Air: Understanding gas exchange is improving patient care

Anaphylaxis – They never taught me that! Critical updates for life-threatening emergencies.

The Top 10 Cardiac Resuscitation Headlines: And How To Read Past Them For The Real Story    

The Top 10 Trauma Myths and Legends: Seeking the science beyond the textbooks

Stopping the Trauma Triad of Death: What you don’t know might kill them

The ABC’s of Geriatrics: A Focus on Fundamentals to Prevent Cardiac Arrest

Debriefing for real-world learning: It’s not just for simulations any more

Communication and Conflict Management: Turning differences into strengths

Catch Them and Keep Them: Recruiting and retaining top employees and volunteers

A Six-Step Focus on Feedback: Performance improvement, not “compliment sandwich”

Closing The Performance Gap: Identifying and implementing the best solutions

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Meaning of Medical Research

Intermediate-level Reading Research: Understanding p-values, NNTs and more